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Big Data Success Story: SSA

A recent i360Gov webinar dove into detail about a successful big data initiative at the Social Security Administration’s (SSA). Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner for the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, and Judge Gerald Ray, Deputy Executive Director, Office of Appellate Operations joined Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions, Inc. to discuss how SSA leverages big data analysis to advise disability appeals and streamline business processes.

Using Actionable Analytics to Improve Business Decisions

Big data isn’t just a question of combing through archives to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ anymore. Private sector organizations and federal agencies are learning that a big part of making data-based decisions is about the information readily available in a format that provides actionable intelligence. New technology allows agencies to move faster on the rapid decisions requiring at-the-ready information and analysis of actionable data. But challenges remain, and those agencies struggling to streamline data into a format that facilitates ready analysis can look to those who have already made strides in this new landscape.


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