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Federal Agencies Find Efficiency via Cloud, Agile Development and Distance Learning

This month on ModernGov, we’ve focused on efficiency. We’ve gone beyond the buzzword to showcase tips and technologies that can help federal agencies deliver the best service to citizens while maximizing the effectiveness of their technology infrastructure. Software AG Government Solutions execs Chris Steel and Darryn Graham offered their insights on efficiency around situational awareness and leveraging IT to deliver on mission. To wrap up the month, we thought we’d showcase some federal agencies that are using technology in innovative ways to maximize efficiency.

Reducing Mainframe Costs While Improving Performance with In-Memory Data Management

In an effort to decrease IT costs, increasingly, agencies are seeking to migrate mainframe applications to open systems and cloud-based platforms. Mainframes are traditionally licensed by the MIPS (million instructions per second) which is a measurement of how much the mainframe is used for processing. So, essentially the more an agency uses the mainframe, the more they pay.

Three Tips for Choosing the Best Situational Awareness Vendor for Your Government Agency

In our last post, Darryn Graham, Chief Architect at Software AG Government Solutions, spoke with ModernGov about situational awareness.  He explained what it entails, and outlined how it can help government agencies make better decisions in support of their missions. As Graham mentioned, situational awareness insights are gained from fusing and analyzing data.

Situational Awareness: Why it is Important for Government Agencies and Mission Success

We recently spoke with Darryn Graham, Chief Architect at Software AG Government Solutions, about situational awareness. Graham helps shape IT architecture for government agencies to achieve mission success, and describes situational awareness as the insights gained from fusing and analyzing data. He finds situational awareness fascinating because it is something anyone can relate to on a daily basis.

#NCSAM News Round Up: What Did Government Agencies Focus on During National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Friday marked the last day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2014. While Modern Gov focuses on innovations driven by, and affecting, government agencies in cyber security throughout the year, we applaud the additional attention that NCSAM brings to the cause of keeping our nation’s infrastructure, networks, and data secured. In addition to the constant notification of cyber attacks, there have been a number of significant developments in how government agencies are approaching cyber security issues.


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