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Software AG Government Solutions In the News: In-Memory Computing

Big data was big news in 2014, and for good reason—data is at the heart of every organization. But data that’s locked away or hard for your users to access where and when they need it doesn’t help anyone. In-memory computing is a transformative technology that drastically scales your current application environment to ensure that users can access what they need, from multiple apps, as quickly as possible. In-memory computing is already becoming a core component of high performing applications within government and with great results. Best of all, it allows you to achieve this massive scale all while supercharging the speed of your enterprise applications so you can tackle big data quickly.

Innovation in IT Streamlines the Delivery of Healthcare Services Across Government Agencies

Innovation and agility and their ability to drive efficiency were the top terms overhead at the recent FedTalks event held in Washington D.C. last month. Speakers from across the public and private sectors challenged the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality that commonly characterizes thinking within the federal government and encouraged change and modernization.

Closing the Year–and the IT-Business Gap–with Business Processes

As 2014 draws to a close and the chaos and excitement of the holiday season permeates both our personal and work lives, we’ll be offering tips on how to better align your mission with your business processes in order to streamline complexity and help agencies maximize their IT investments. In both, the private and public sectors, organizations have to do more with less. Driving efficiency into an agency’s mission approach requires continuous improvement and realignment in the business model, operations and processes. It’s certainly not easy but focusing on analyzing processes within your enterprise applications can improve operations in dramatic and easily measured ways.


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