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News Round-Up: Military and Government Innovation Leads to Increased Agility

agilityAt ModernGov we’ve made a habit out of seeking out exciting and pivotal government and military IT innovation – from all levels, in all agencies – that utilize and promote agility. In this news round-up, we’ve found some amazing stories of innovation in research, implementation and career creation, as government agencies, along with the military, blaze a path in IT innovation in virtual training, autonomous systems, and application program interfaces.

Agility and Modernization are Key Aspects of Cloud Strategy

cloud computingA recent federal cloud computing event underscored several themes we’ve recently highlighted here on ModernGov. The Federal Cloud Computing Summit brought together cloud subject matter experts from the federal government and academia, and featured visionary panels about topics ranging from cloud strategy to cloud success stories to a look ahead at what the future of cloud computing might look like. The insights shared by many of the panelists at that event echoed the sentiments Software AG Government Solutions thought leaders Chris Steel and Chris Borneman recently shared about the future of the data center and IT modernization.

Army to Bolster Agility and Readiness through Strategic IT Modernization

shutterstock_70353952Supporting more than 1.4 million network users,Lieutenant General Robert S. Ferrell- Army CIO, recently unveiled an aggressive IT strategy encompassing IT modernization initiatives spanning to 2021 to enable the warfighter to fight and deploy at any time, from anywhere well into the future. Referenced as the “Army Network Campaign Plan,” the Army’s IT strategy is set to deliver on five broad goals

Federal Executive Forum: Progress Report on Cybersecurity in Government

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is a high-profile issue both in and out of the government sectors, as evidenced by the Sony breach and President Obama’s focus on cybersecurity in his recent State of the Union address, to name just a few examples. It was therefore fitting that the topic of a recent Federal Executive Forum focused on cybersecurity in government, profiling successful cyber programs and focusing on the current and future state of cyber.


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