Bringing Government IT Modernization and Innovation to the Forefront

How do you define Big Data?

shutterstock_147295391 Modernization and innovation are the new drivers for IT purchases in the federal government. In a recent broadcast on Federal News Radio, moderator Jim Flyzik, along with distinguished panelists, set-out to discuss these drivers and the most effective strategies for inspiring modernization. Flyzik turned to leading government technologists including Zach Goldstein, Chief Information Officer & Director for High Performance Computing at NOAA, Jim St. Pierre, Deputy Director, Information Technology Lab, NIST and Duncan McCarthy, Technical Executive, Innovation, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to talk about some of the big issues that they, and their peers, are dealing with when addressing IT modernization.

Revamping Your Agency’s Processes? Here Are Four Ideas to Consider

shutterstock_242602495 Government agencies are investing heavily in learning about how to become more agile and efficient in order to mitigate business costs while continuing to deliver on the mission. Although many agency leaders have focused on technology, agency leaders who are true change agents, understand that technology forms only part of the equation and know that people and processes are integral to success.

14 Top Tips for Successful IT Modernization in Government Agencies

shutterstock_255155524 The key to successful IT modernization, which is an imperative for federal agencies, is proper planning and alignment with goals, objectives and the overall strategic plan, according to a recent presentation by Dr. Barry West, chief information and chief privacy officer for the FDIC. Dr. West shared an additional 12 that he feels are essential to successful IT modernization, he has used in prior professional experience and is currently implementing at the FDIC in its modernization efforts. According to Dr. West, he is working on an IT assessment of the overall landscape at the FDIC and has designed a three-month track to lay out the areas of the organization, from workforce to help desk, infrastructure, software development and overall structure.

News Roundup: This Week’s GovIT Innovators

shutterstock_150003005Which agencies are on the innovators list?  This week’s ModernGOV IT innovators roundup features a selection of stories highlighting the agencies and leaders who are embracing change, not for its own sake, but to provide more services, more efficiently to their end users. From fighting identity theft to bringing innovation to procurement and hiring practices, this week we’re featuring stories from the Internal Revenue Service, the CIA, and the Army.  Read on to find out to see what innovations these agencies are introducing and how they’re revolutionizing how agencies meet their missions.

5 Tips for Successful IT Portfolio Management

shutterstock_168813071 Recently, we published an article on how the Department of Interior was meeting the challenges of IT Portfolio Management head-on to reduce operating expenses and better deliver on the agency’s mission. Kevin Schmitt, who is responsible for portfolio planning and management for the Department of Interior and shared his experiences with us, is very much a pioneer in this field. So it got the team here thinking about what are the essential things you need to know in order to be successful in your IT planning and the analysis and governance of your IT portfolio.

News Roundup: This Week’s GovIT Innovators

shutterstock_134361986 Federal agencies are in the middle of a burst of innovation when it comes to leveraging IT to meet the mission. Each week on ModernGOV, we feature a selection of stories highlighting the agencies and leaders who are embracing change, not for its own sake, but to provide more services, more efficiently to their end users. From swift procurement to FITARA, this week we’re featuring stories from Health and Human Services, the Copyright Office, and U.S. CIO Tony Scott. Read on to find out how these agency and the U.S. IT chief are delivering on their missions in new and interesting ways.

Modernization and Agility: Government Agencies Trail Blaze IT Innovation

shutterstock_146458190 There’s a perception by some inside the Beltway that you can’t achieve true IT innovation in government agencies, and there’s a great deal of pressure on agency leaders to adopt a “private sector mindset.” Despite these assumptions, there are many leaders within government IT who have taken it upon themselves to be the trendsetters- to be the change agents. While some may tout government IT innovation as an oxymoron, many of these innovators have sought to define modernization and agility by implementing cutting edge programs and adopting technologies before the masses.


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