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High-Performance Without a Supercomputer – Consider In-Memory Computing

Data center consolidationWhen most hear the term “High-Performance Computing” or HPC, they immediately think well-funded laboratories, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider facility, and global institutions routinely processing terabytes, petabytes, exabytes and more data for specific scientific and research missions. While this kind of specialized super-computing continues to evolve, many more organizations have demanding and growing requirements for larger-scale data processing—without the benefits of super-computing capabilities.

News Round-Up: Federal CIOs are Embracing the Challenges of IT Innovation

shutterstock_103389071This year is definitely shaping up to be the Year of the Federal CIO. From CIOs who are at the forefront of the conversation on IT innovation, like David Bray at the Federal Communication Commission, to those who are quietly working in the background to ensure that their agencies are in compliance with FITARA’s rules and requirements, CIOs are redefining the face of government and helping their agencies deliver on their missions in a complex world.


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