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5 Tips for Government IT Modernization

shutterstock_225223165Last month, Software AG Government Solutions’ Chris Steel shared with readers of Information Week five practical tips to help government IT leaders drive modernization projects in the new year.

Steel suggests that agencies with complex suites comprised of off-the-shelf software avoid the urge to rip and replace by following his practical tips for a cost efficient and incremental IT upgrade and modernization.

What’s Steel’s number one tip?  Know what you have.  It is that simple. He suggests that before you rip out even one single module that you first take stock of what you have to get a really good understanding of what you need. Think about it like cleaning out your IT closet: take an inventory, try things on and test for what still works and then replace with updated software.

Also, when looking for replacement software, you need to be able to prove the value proposition of the tech upgrade quickly. Steel says, “[a] prove-out period should to be as efficient as possible, so planning ahead is a must, as well as ensuring that you know what metrics the “prove-out” will be tracked against.” He says if vendors need 6 weeks to prove the tech, move on to one with a shorter and more realistic proving period.

Steel doesn’t forget the importance of integrating security into an IT refresh.  He stresses the importance of knowing what level of security each of your components has and how critical it is that you avoid mixing low-level security with high-level security. He goes on to say, “agencies shouldn’t stop at tracking network requirements; they should include storage encryption requirements, facility-location and ITAR considerations, and auditability…Weak links within an environment can have a ripple effect on cyber security.”

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