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Accept the Challenge: Modernize Your IT Infrastructure

shutterstock_339377579 The pressure to modernize legacy systems has those working in government IT abuzz. While craving the benefits of modernization, IT leaders in the public sector remain concerned about the reliability and security of legacy systems and how those elements may be impacted by upgrades.

GovLoop found in a recent survey that 59% of over 500 government respondents think that integrating new solutions with legacy systems was the main challenge to modernizing their IT infrastructure. Despite this challenge, however, agency IT leaders need to consider the speed with which technology is evolving and how critical it is to keep pace with that change.

To help inform the conversation about IT modernization, GovLoop recently hosted a training webinar – Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure: Blending Innovative and Conventional Technologies – bringing to light agency concerns and how best to mitigate them while still embracing IT modernization efforts.

Jim Tunnessen – Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Agriculture – led the webinar, sharing important tips on how to modernize your IT infrastructure. Tunnessen discussed that “[t]echnology is always growing and improving and it is hard to keep up at times. The government needs to stay informed, have open communication and create an atmosphere of empowerment.”

To Tunnensen’s point, there will always be challenges with incorporating new technologies into existing systems. But, if agency IT leaders embrace the change that innovation brings, they can also foster a sense of empowerment where government IT professionals know they are doing all they can to enable agency mission.

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