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Aligning Agency Mission with IT Strategy: It’s a Must!

shutterstock_225259786Every project and new initiative in an agency should contribute to its strategic plan and align with the agency mission. This should apply to your IT strategy as well.

To help you ensure that your IT strategy is aligned with your agency mission, the Digital Government Institute is hosting a webinar on January 27th at 2 pm EST.

The webinar will feature a presentation led by Michael Kennedy, Director of Architecture & Interoperability. An industry leader with an extensive civilian government career, Mr. Kennedy is the Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment- Office of Naval Intelligence. Joining him will be Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions, an industry thought leader in software solutions.

When we spoke to Chris recently he said of current alignment mandates and tools, such as PortfolioStat; “With PortfolioStat and other similar mandates that are requiring federal agencies to consolidate IT resources and cut costs, the focus is back on realigning IT so it can excel in its traditional role of supporting the business.”

Without proper alignment, agencies will fall short in many ways.  Most importantly, agencies will fail to deliver in areas of performance and efficacy as well as in effective utilization of budget dollars. However, with properly aligned IT efforts, working as effectively as possible to support agency goals, the agency will see an improvement across agency operation. Success is possible by doing something as simple as allowing IT to “excel in its traditional role,” as Steel suggests.

To combat these high-level and sometimes costly issues, Chris and Michael will cover three primary pain points in the webinar for aligning IT strategy with agency mission:

  • Visibility and Transparency. Agencies must consider the visibility and transparency of the process when creating IT strategy.
  • Measurable ROI. Agencies must have a measureable return on investment of agency enterprise architecture.
  • Quick Analysis. Agencies must be able to perform a quick analysis of the impact of change in their technology portfolio and application as well as in the reverse.

Everything an agency does and every tool it employs must be part of its strategic plan and contribute to alignment. A pivotal way to achieve that is to prioritize projects to agency mission priorities. For agencies, this often times means understanding your agency’s business goals and aligning IT to those goals. No longer can IT be considered an option; for true and demonstrated success, agencies must consider the importance of IT alignment.

This is not an easy feat.  Join Chris Steel and Michael Kennedy for best practices and tips to enable a smooth IT alignment by attending the webinar on the 27th; your budget and your IT strategy will thank you.

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