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API Management: Real-Time Open Data

shutterstock_339377579Open Data is the concept that data should be available for use and distribution by anyone. In many cases an open data model enables speed and flexibility within the devops community. That speed is then passed along to other organizational areas, allowing government IT to move at the speed required by today’s business world. However, choosing to embrace open data and the choice it offers can be perplexing. Incorporating an API Management system to manage, protect and monitor data exchange is the best path for agency IT leaders to embark on in order to alleviate concerns over open data.

With an API Management platform similar to Software AG Government Solutions’ offering, agency IT leaders benefit from shared API metering and analytics between themselves and their devops teams. Such solutions also allow for API Life Cycle Management as well as increased visibility, making such tools critical to agency IT leaders’ mission fulfillment in updating legacy systems.

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Infographic (SAG)




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