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A Big Data Need: Ensuring Data Restoration and Availability with In-Memory Computing

shutterstock_131849156 (1) One of the items that should always be top of mind for government IT leaders is what happens when the lights go out? While it might not always be a power outage that causes systems to go dark, ensuring continuity of operations during periods of stress is critical for all government agencies investing in in-memory technologies.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) planning typically focuses on ensuring that fundamental services, starting with backup power generators, are in place with a supporting standard operating procedure, but what about the restoration of functionality of data bases? In the era of big data, even a temporary loss of system availability can have monumental consequences for agency operations.

Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect for Software AG Government Solutions, Inc. discussed this important aspect of BCDR in a recent NextGov article on in-memory computing. While in-memory computing is a well understood concept and becoming a growing area of interest to agency IT groups facing the exponential growth of data over the last decade, a legitimate concern is the recovery and availability of critical data after an unplanned outage. Steel points out that “when you’re talking about [restoring] terabyte-scale in-memory stores, rebuilding them from a disk-bound database could take days. Hundreds of terabytes? Make that weeks!” By ensuring that the in-memory solutions that an agency is deciding to invest in has persistence or a fast restartability store, an agency can be assured that all the data held in-memory will be immediately recovered and available upon system restoration.

Interested in learning more about how to leverage in-memory computing to achieve reliability in mission-critical applications? You can read Chris’s full article here


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