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IT + Business: Partners on the Road to Mission Success

shutterstock_105421988A fundamental part of any IT decision maker’s job function these days is to show up at the myriad conferences hosted in this region that are intended to educate and persuade purchasing decisions for the systems and bits of infrastructure that need overhauling to ensure that agencies are equipped to meet their missions.

But how many of these conferences extend the invitation to your colleagues on the business side of the house – either overtly, or at least by having sessions that don’t appear to be delivered in a foreign language?

Having worked in IT for many years now, I am more convinced than ever that if technology vendors talk only to IT people, we’re not doing our job right. The best IT transformation outcomes happen when the primary stakeholders, that is, IT and business, are aligned.  Without knowing why and how a technology is going to be used, IT can’t possibly know what business needs they’re expected to meet or how new technologies should be rolled out.  Without talking to IT, business can’t possibly know what solutions might already be available to them or what new solutions best meets their needs within the bounds of their existing architecture. But when you bring IT and business together a remarkable thing happens:  information is shared, business processes can be aligned with technology and the transformation of IT from a cost center to a strategic business partner and mission enabler is achieved.

It has never been more important for IT and business to be closely aligned.  With government budgets and teams being stressed, the cost of an unsuccessful program or project failure just can’t be absorbed.  And those costs flow on, leading to other cuts that inevitably impede mission readiness and, in the end, undermine mission success.

That’s why we’re inviting both business and IT leaders to come together at Software AG Government Solutions’ ModernGov Summit on IT transformation this spring.

We’ve focused on connecting speakers from government agencies who’ve been lauded for their successful IT transformation projects to share their best practices and brought together some agile minds to stimulate discussion on creative and innovative ways to accelerate IT transformation to meet mission goals without breaking the bank.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts on successful IT transformation here, on ModernGov, but, as always, we’re interested in hearing what you have to say – why not chime in within the comments section, or by following us on Twitter. Interested in learning more or registering for the April 1st event?  Full details can be found here…


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