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What Integration Trends Should Your Agency Embrace to Ensure Mission Success?

shutterstock_267122603Federal government agencies face all kinds of challenges when leveraging IT to drive mission success. From legacy systems that consume a disproportionate amount of the operating budget to architecture that can no longer adapt to modern requirements, these types of obstacles quickly undermine efficiency, performance, and success. One of the most often cited, yet easiest, way to overcome challenges is integration. By keeping six key integration trends in mind, you can plan to poise your agency for long-term mission success.

How IT Will Transform the Federal Government in 2016?

shutterstock_188324945 (1)At the beginning of each year there are a good many quips about how the future is finally here. Yet, despite the fact that it is 2016, most government agencies still have a fair ways to go when it comes to modernizing their IT systems so that they can deliver more services to more citizens more quickly. Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions, shared in a recent article in NextGov that he is confident that many government agencies will focus “on finding the necessary IT capabilities for ‘faster’ transformation [this year] as they realize their existing IT models are not capable of fully supporting their mission.”

Data is as Data Does: The Benefits of Big Data Analytics

shutterstock_151687703Data is data and at its most basic level, it is merely lines of code. However, we continue to become more and more connected each day, with 40% of the world’s population online and 1.75 billion of us using smart phones every day. Those in the business world as well as in the public sector are striving to determine how best to utilize Big Data, and by extension Big Data Analytics, to improve efficiency and mitigate cost.

News Round-Up: Federal CIOs are Embracing the Challenges of IT Innovation

shutterstock_103389071This year is definitely shaping up to be the Year of the Federal CIO. From CIOs who are at the forefront of the conversation on IT innovation, like David Bray at the Federal Communication Commission, to those who are quietly working in the background to ensure that their agencies are in compliance with FITARA’s rules and requirements, CIOs are redefining the face of government and helping their agencies deliver on their missions in a complex world.

Software AG Government Solutions In the News: In-Memory Computing

Big data was big news in 2014, and for good reason—data is at the heart of every organization. But data that’s locked away or hard for your users to access where and when they need it doesn’t help anyone. In-memory computing is a transformative technology that drastically scales your current application environment to ensure that users can access what they need, from multiple apps, as quickly as possible. In-memory computing is already becoming a core component of high performing applications within government and with great results. Best of all, it allows you to achieve this massive scale all while supercharging the speed of your enterprise applications so you can tackle big data quickly.


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