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How CIOs at DISA and U.S. Forest Service are Embracing Agile

shutterstock_175220540Government CIOs are under a tremendous amount of pressure to address the issue of aging IT infrastructure and the impediments it introduces to meeting the mission. Between choosing whether to continue to upgrade legacy systems or to invest in new infrastructure, the pressure is on to make decisions that are timely, budget-friendly, and that will also ensure mission success.

In light of those challenges, i360Gov, in partnership with Software AG Government Solutions, recently hosted a webinar “Overcome Obstacles to Agile Application Development.”

Encouraging agility and creativity, the webinar focused on tips and strategies from Cathy Rickets – Program Manager, Global Command and Control System – Joint (GCCS-J), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Zahid Chaudry – Branch Chief, Enterprise Application Development, Chief Information Office, U.S. Forest Service.

Ricketts and Chaudry explained the ever-increasing need to move swiftly toward agile application development, highlighting efforts they have both made in their respective agencies. For example, Rickets shared, “Agile must [move] hand-in-hand with business management principles. Agile involves change, and that change is in the government as well as our industry partners.”

Rickets, with the support of her team, was able to streamline the maintenance release process at the GCCS-J. Using agile development concepts, they increased maintenance releases from occurring only once or twice per year to monthly occurrences. The team was able to achieve this in less than two months, according to Rickets.

While DISA and GCCS-J have seen recent success with agile development, the U.S. Forest Service is just setting out on their data center transformation journey. Chaudry shared that they hope to transform work flows and, among other things, foster a collaborative work environment.

Both Rickets and Chaudry also stressed the importance of creativity in these times of restricted resources for so many. Chaudry elaborated that we need to “enable creativity” in order to “fulfill agency mission.”

Agile IT systems are paramount to achieving a successful agency mission; consider agile development concepts and a rapid application development platform to improve your agency’s chances for success!

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