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To Code or Connect: That is the Question

shutterstock_267122603Integration remains top of mind for those working in government IT. At the same time, we are becoming more connected each day, and people expect to have the same level of automation, integration and resulting speed on work devices that they have on personal hand-held devices.

Speed and agility are necessary to support current business and agency initiatives. In order to maintain and even increase speed, it is paramount to consider current integration challenges and the benefits of connectors as opposed to coding.

For example, Charlie Greenberg – contributing author to Reality Check – recently shared that “writing code to support enterprise integration is not the most efficient way to do things.” Greenberg explains that connectors are the best course of action in the face of the perpetual uptick in deployed applications and databases within the cloud, not only for enterprise IT but also for government IT.

In “Don’t Code, Connect!” Greenberg elaborates that connectors:

• Provide a lightweight and agile response to changing business needs.
• Provide a quick way to address challenges such as new regulations, mergers, mobile apps or cloud integration.
• Can compel computing landscapes to continuously adapt.

Having access to a comprehensive receptacle of connectors is beneficial. Connectors such as those in SoftwareAG’s integration platform can provide businesses and agencies with “the real-time flexibility” that will enable them to function with speed while also avoiding computing silos.

SoftwareAG connectors are:

• Designed as plug-ins, requiring little to no coding.
• Provide a simple, configuration-based way of connecting with SaaS applications.
• Standardized so that SaaS connectors can be viewed as an extension.

By utilizing connectors in modernization efforts, government IT change agents can continue to invest time and effort into fulfilling agency mission with the utmost efficacy, speed and agility.

To learn more about the benefits of modernizing your government IT system, click here.



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