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The Coming Data Storms: Is Your Agency Ready?

Data center consolidationIt seems odd to think about blizzards in July as the summer heat takes its toll on Washington.  Yet, for most government IT leaders, the blizzard they’re thinking about isn’t the next Snowpocalypse, but the data blizzard that’s hitting them as more data is collected from citizens, from Internet-connected devices, and from agency activities.   At the most basic level, most agencies are equipped to deal with an inundation of data through their ability to store petabytes of data on premise or in the cloud.

But is simply collecting data really maximizing anything? What’s the use of all that data if just gets put into storage?

The real potential value of data for agencies can be found in discovering trends, uncovering insights and then analyzing those insights to deliver the most effective application for each agency’s mission more comprehensively than previously.   In a recent survey by Vanson Bourne, however, it was found that more than 75% of respondents were struggling with data analytics today and that very few had confidence in their ability to handle the influx of data as the Internet of Things ramps up.  Without being able to capture, process, and analyze data quickly AND accurately, government agencies, like their corporate colleagues, will miss opportunities to meet the mission more effectively and may even compromise data and agency cyber security.

So what advice is out there for IT leaders looking to confront this challenge head on?

Streaming analytics is certainly something that is high on the list of solutions that helps take a data stream from mystifying to manageable.  In a recent article for Information Week, Software AG Government Solutions Chief Architect, Chris Steel, noted that “[w]ith real-time big data analytics, agencies can pick out the needles as the data haystack is streaming by. They do not have to worry about taking all of the irrelevant data, putting it into storage, running an analysis, waiting, and then redoing that over and over again. Instead, in real-time, the agency can pull information out of the streams and make a decision while they still have a window of relevance. This allows them to take proactive action on the data.”

That sounds like a pretty good first step in our book.  But there’s still much more that can be done.  Interested in learning more?  Why not consider Software AG Government Solutions’ Put us to the Test challenge with your data? At no charge, we’ll conduct a discovery session to assess your current environment, processes and requirements. Our technical team will then conduct a no-cost proof of concept. In 5 days or less and at your site, we will present our analysis.


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