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The Data Center of the Future: Expect Big Changes by 2020

shutterstock_175556768Earlier this month Chris Borneman, Vice President  of Software AG Government Solutions, shared with FCW readers his tips for preparing for big changes that will occur in data centers in as little as five years. His article focuses on how we can be more efficient as well as cost effective as we also prepare for these pivotal changes within IT in the coming years.

Borneman attributes these new and exciting changes to the increased focus on consolidation and predicts that, “as application silos are broken down and resource tiers consolidated, the result will be data centers that consist of three hardware tiers– for processing, memory and storage.”

He goes on to say that data centers in 2020 will be able to do much more with less as resources will be used more efficiently and software becomes more intuitive.

Here are some of highlights from Borneman’s tips:

  • Plan for incremental consolidation: Chris says many “big-bang” consolidation efforts fail due to budget overruns and losing sight of priorities over the course of the consolidation. He goes on to say that for data center consolidation to be successful you must show “incremental success with positive ROI.”
  • Catalog all aspects of your data center: Cataloging is important to any sort of consolidation. You need an up-to-date catalog of your applications, platforms and resources to truly know what you have and how it is being utilized. Here Chris suggests investing in a “portfolio management tool… (to) document all business processes, the corresponding requirements and the platform stack components necessary.”
  • Don’t Forget the Security:  Whenever you are consolidating infrastructure, most importantly you need to know and understand the level of security on existing components to avoid combining those with high-level security with those of low-level security.

Borneman ends his article discussing the mercurial nature of data centers and their solutions; he says, “Data centers and the solutions hosted within them are never static…but by preparing today, we can ensure a more efficient tomorrow for the government’s data centers.”

If you would like to read more about what Chris has to say about the data center of the future, you can access his full article in FCW here.

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