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The Demonstrated Need for Application Portfolio Management

shutterstock_134361986 The Federal Buying season is upon us and while there are many new empowerments in place for agency CIOs through FITARA, many are still approaching this upcoming buying season with apprehension.

According to a recent article featured on the Federal Times, “The law (FITARA) is a step in the right direction… strengthening the input and guidance of agency-level CIOs over their bureau and component CIO colleagues.” Yet, the article continues to share that “what FITARA can’t do on its own is give agency-level CIOs a true, holistic view of all the decisions made across the organization that involve or require substantial IT investments to carry out.”

While the assessments of FITARA are accurate, they also bring to light the need for application portfolio management (APM) as an essential element to basic operational procedures within government agencies’ IT spend. In a recent i360, Proof Points Report– sponsored by Software AG Government Solutions, it was shared that “government application portfolios are plagued with redundant functions and a lack of transparency.”

The report goes on to elaborate that such practices or lack thereof can lead to “uncontrolled costs and a general reluctance to change anything.” Ultimately, without proper application portfolio management, agency CIOs and other IT leaders won’t have a working knowledge of the resources they have nor will they have an accurate sense of what the agency needs to move forward effectively.

Yet, with APM, agency CIOs can streamline the delivery of new services while simultaneously cutting costs and increasing agility. Which begs the question, what is application portfolio management?

APM is the planning and monitoring of applications throughout their lifecycle, giving way to a level of knowledge necessary to accurately managed resources. As a result, with APM, agency CIOs and IT departments can:

• gain an understanding of their applications
• undergo, more effectively, IT risk assessments; and
• mitigate cost with informed, strategic decisions.

The concept of APM is nothing new and yet, despite its overarching benefits agencies have yet to fully embrace the power of planning and monitoring their applications. Chris Steel- Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions- shared, “having an understanding of the universe of applications in use across an agency and how they relate to one another is the foundation for good application portfolio management.”

Want to set the foundation for good Application Portfolio Management? Download the full i360 report, by clicking here.


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