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Good Governance is the Key to Success for FITARA Implementation

shutterstock_216453469With the next FITARA deadline coming up at the end of 2015, federal CIOs need to “understand their options and obligations under the new law,” commented Darryn Graham, Chief Architect for Software AG Government Solutions. In a recent article published by NextGov, Graham shared his perspectives on FITARA and recent comments made by federal CIO Tony Scott at the FIITARA Implementation Symposium, hosted by the Association for Enterprise Information (AEFI) in Arlington, Virginia.

For Graham, the key to FITARA’s success lies in the development of good governance, a point that Scott returned to often in his remarks at the symposium. While agencies have developed organically, FITARA gives the CIO the opportunity to plan strategically and put “good governance” strategies in place around all parts of the IT lifecycle – from determination of need to acquisition to retirement of legacy systems.

FITARA has the potential of being a tipping point for government agencies in the area of good governance. Ideally, instead of looking backward and treating governance as a burden, agencies have an opportunity to look forward optimistically by taking maximum advantage of the technical breakthroughs that have emerged over the past decade.

Graham also focused on the strategies that agencies can use to develop an in-depth understanding of business processes. The key to him is in automating real-time monitoring and data analysis against business process to enable decision making to be made on the basis of data, rather than on the way decisions have “always been made.” As Graham aptly points out in the article that the “changes FITARA will inspire for each agency will be different and depend on the current state of [an] organization’s infrastructure, organizational alignments, business processes and more” we’ve already seen some early indications of how some agencies are adapting to the change. This summer, then deputy CIO of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Steph Warren, shared how FITARA had already been integrated into that agency’s IT planning processes to ensure IT investments aligned with mission and enabling him, and his team, to demonstrate greater value.

Interested in learning more about business process alignment? You can read the full article here and register for the next FITARA symposium here.


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