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Happy New Year: 2016 Ushers in IT Innovation

HH For those of us working in government IT, 2015 represented a year of change as technological advancements and CIOs tested the efficacy of FITARA.

Tony Scott, U.S. Chief Information Officer, shared in a recent NextGov article that “(T)he hardest money to get is for new stuff.” Scott pointed to this fact as a means to explain why 80% of the government’s $86 billion IT budget goes toward upgrading legacy systems.

While Scott continues to call for newer infrastructure, given the disproportionate rate at which IT advances and budget cycles gain approval, true government IT innovation in many regards has to include the ability to build upon existing systems to increase efficacy now.

Scott went on to share in a FedTech article that “It’s no different than paving roads…You don’t just put a road in and then wait until it breaks apart. You repave them every once in a while. And every once in a while you have to tear it up and put a whole new road down.”

Yet, with technological advancement moving much more quickly than budgeting approvals, it is up to innovative CIOs to embrace IT innovation and take it to the next level by upgrading such systems.

To that end, while 2015 represented a year of change and advancement, let 2016 be the year of IT innovation as we strive to improve upon existing systems and put the rip and replace mentality on hold.

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