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High-Performance Without a Supercomputer – Consider In-Memory Computing

Data center consolidationWhen most hear the term “High-Performance Computing” or HPC, they immediately think well-funded laboratories, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider facility, and global institutions routinely processing terabytes, petabytes, exabytes and more data for specific scientific and research missions. While this kind of specialized super-computing continues to evolve, many more organizations have demanding and growing requirements for larger-scale data processing—without the benefits of super-computing capabilities.

Fortunately,transformative technologies exist to support this emerging class of power-users who seek to perform massive data analytics with high data availability and extremely low latency—at any scale. In-memory computing is an increasingly appealing and affordable alternative for many Federal Government professionals who have requirements for high-performing, scalable, and secure applications, but who may not be at the center of the HPC community. By design, in-memory computing moves data sets to application memory, reducing database transactions and delivering a much more responsive experience to the end user. Most compelling is that in-memory computing allows these users to achieve massive scale while relying on their existing computing architectures—essentially turbo-charging enterprise applications for increasingly demanding data analysis tasks.

Terracotta is an In-Memory Data Management Platform, offered by Software AG Government Solutions and designed to allow organizations to unlock the valuable information captured in their data stores. Agencies no longer need to continually invest in additional hardware and software to meet their big data analysis demands. For a two-minute overview of how it works with your existing computing infrastructure, click here.

While Federal agencies must balance mission requirements with available funding and personnel, one practical system modernization option is to maximize the speed, value, and scale of existing computing resources. For the highest performance in your agency computing architecture, consider in-memory computing–a natural complement to current enterprise investments that delivers greatly expanded capabilities for the undeniable future of big data— processing speed and scalability.

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