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How to Leverage a Service-Oriented Architecture?

shutterstock_149015600 Infoworld recently shared that cloud has modernized the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of ten years ago, making it even faster and more efficient than before. Add the increased speed to the benefits that we are already aware of in adopting an SOA, and it is evident that to remain at the forefront of government IT modernization, you must understand SOA and its value.

That said, there is no disputing that adopting SOA can enable an agile and effective enterprise architecture. Yet, there is still some confusion over what SOA is, the differences between SOA and microservices and how best to leverage both in an enterprise architecture.

To that end, Software AG is hosting a webinar “Top 10 SOA Best Practices” on January 28th. IT expert Eugene J. Miklovich will present some of his best practices in adopting SOA and how best to leverage SOA for your organization.

Mr. Miklovich brings to the discussion over 30 years of experience in developing applications. He will strive to offer attendees an explanation of how to create an effective and modernized SOA environment and best practices on implementations even when multiple programming languages are in play.

We know that a Service Oriented Architecture enables speed and provides cost and risk mitigation. Don’t get left behind in the new year, sign-up for the webinar today to ensure your agency stays on the path to IT modernization.

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