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Making the Grade: Software Companies Awarded a Superior Rating by DSS

shutterstock_247202548In this day and age, how do you evaluate a company that you’re considering working with?

While it used to be enough to vouch for a company doing work for your agency based on their convincing responses in RFPs and cost quotes, it is no longer enough, if those questions don’t include inquiries into a company’s security track record. The consequences of working with a vendor that is not at least up-to-date, if not on the cutting edge, in terms of cyber security awareness, education, and training could be catastrophic for businesses. For government agencies specifically, outdated knowledge and procedures could have disastrous consequences in the face of the near constant cyberattacks that agencies face today.

This month, Software AG Government Solutions announced that they were awarded a Superior rating in an annual audit by the U.S Defense Security Service (DSS). DSS provides the defense community, other federal agencies, and contractors with security support services for the protection of U.S. and foreign information and technologies. Each year, contractors, like Software AG Government Solutions, go through a full, on-site, security vulnerability assessment based on the U.S. National Industry Security Program standards.

But what does a Superior rating mean?

According to the DSS, the Superior rating is reserved for contractors that consistently and fully implement the requirements of the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) with efficacy. Contractors under review are compared with other contractors of similar size and complexity to assess performance in their ability to heighten the security awareness of employees and foster the spirit of cooperation within the security community. Only 10 percent of the 13,500 facilities that the DSS oversees are awarded a Superior rating.

The Software AG Government Solutions team is obviously “very proud and honored to receive” this rating said the company’s CEO, Tod Weber. What Weber was most pleased about is that “the rating signifies the high level of trust the U.S. Government places both on our company and our employees. It clearly reinforces the commitment we have to optimize our business in support of … [the] mission for our Federal customers.”

Interested in learning more about how Software AG Government solutions applies its cyber security best practices to solve its customers’ most pressing problems? Click here.



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