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IT Modernization in the News

shutterstock_139410728Despite the loss of billions of dollars of funding for IT modernization in the 2017 federal budget, agencies are making investments in their futures. Whether driven by a mandate to serve citizens better or to comply with regulations handed down from Congress, CIOs like LaVerne Council and Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante are determined to bring their agencies and systems into the digital age.

Read on to find out where 18F, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the United States Postal Services (USPS), and the Copyright Office are making strategic investments.

Citizens are Embracing Digital Government

Last week, 18F, the federal government’s civic consultancy “for the government, inside the government” whose mission is to design and deploy services for agencies, took a look at how citizens are using the tools of digital government to access information and services. Using data from to track citizen engagement with government sites, 18F found that Americans are embracing digital government. Furthermore, so too is the rest of the world, with over 30 percent of NASA visitors coming from outside the US. With data about 4,000 sites from 45 federal government agencies, it’s clear that demands on federal government web sites and apps will only increase. Government IT leaders must ensure that their websites and apps will withstand the ever-increasing demand on digital services.

Want to make sure your agency’s infrastructure is built to handle citizen-driven demand? You can learn more about API management here.

USPS Looks to Upgrade Predictive Analytics Platform

Speaking of analytics… The Postal Service is looking for a new predictive analytics platform, according to a recent report in NextGov. In 2015, the USPS “created an Advanced Analytics division, whose main goals are to use predictive modeling techniques” to identify patterns to assist in internal logistics, such as package tracking. As well as boosting goodwill with speedier deliveries, having a more concise picture of internal logistics through analytics will help the often criticized agency better manage its spend and budget.

Interested in learning more about predictive analytics? Here are federal IT leaders from the Executive Office of the President and the Army taking an in-depth look at the topic.

The Copyright Office Needs an App for That… and That… and That

As well as tracking our mail, the digital revolution has created an explosion of creative content. From songs to novels and other creative endeavors, the Copyright Office is having a hard time managing processes in the digital age. Not only has it been called out for still using paper documentation for registering licensing agreements, but its data center went offline last year, causing inoperability for more than one week. Recognizing the need for a searchable registration system and one that can be accessed via app, mobile device, or API, The Copyright Office is seeking comment on its IT modernization plan.

We’ve got some great tips on how to approach an infrastructure modernization project using In-Memory Computing, here.

Department of Veterans Affairs Vows to Improve FITARA Grade

VA CIO LaVerne Council has pledged to move the department to the top of the FITARA scorecard by the end of this year. At a recent subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill, Council detailed her plans to be in full compliance to FITARA co-author Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.). As well as knowing her baseline score and areas of comparative weakness and strength, Council has attributed “Enterprise Program Management Office and the creation of the Enterprise Cybersecurity Strategy as critical initial steps toward implementation of FITARA.”



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