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Modernizing Agency IT Infrastructure to Boost Agency Missions

unnamed (13)On Wednesday April 1st, FCW will present the ModernGov Summit, a focused, interactive one day conference for “Strategies for Leading Agency IT Transformation.” Hosted at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., the summit offers a one-day professional networking and educational opportunity for public sector IT professionals seeking direction and insight into the ever-changing and evolving IT landscape. As IT continues to transform current infrastructure in order to better support their agency’s mission, it is paramount that the community share best practices and lessons learned in determining the most efficient path to updating legacy systems and integrating them with modern applications.

To aid in agency goals and promote overall efficiency, the conference will focus on current trends in modernizing agency operations, cybersecurity strategies, combining diverse data systems and aligning IT modernization efforts with agency mission. In order to cover such important and varied topics, the ModernGov Summit is featuring an impressive line-up of important and revolutionary speakers.

One such speaker is Steven Cooper, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the U.S. Department of Commerce. Appointed CIO in June 2014, Mr. Cooper is responsible for leading the development and implementation of Commerce’s enterprise-wide IT strategy, overseeing the IT security risk program as well as providing counsel on IT systems and services.

Notably in Mr. Cooper’s 20 plus year career in both the private and public sectors, in February 2003, he was appointed the first CIO of the Department of Homeland Security. Additionally, within the private sector, Mr. Cooper was the Senior Vice President and CIO of the American Red Cross, where he implemented the first National Call Center to provide emergency financial assistance to storm victims during Hurricane Katrina.

Known for his transformative and often groundbreaking approach to technology within the government and private agencies, Mr. Cooper has an open minded view of government adoption and new IT trends, suggesting that culture transformation needs to occur in conjunction with infrastructure modernization. In a recent interview with FCW, Mr. Cooper shared: “The challenge becomes how do you help the culture of the department and the employees at Commerce to move from a risk-adverse culture to a risk-aware culture…Now technology is changing things so rapidly that we can’t operate the same way we’ve operated in the past, and we have to recognize that.”

At the upcoming ModernGov Summit, Mr. Cooper is the morning keynote speaker where he will deliver a presentation titled, “Modernizing Agency Operations with Business Strategy and Technology.”

Don’t let the opportunity to hear someone as esteemed and experienced in the IT field as Steven Cooper pass you by, register for the summit today!


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