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#NCSAM News Round Up: What Did Government Agencies Focus on During National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Friday marked the last day of National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) 2014. While Modern Gov focuses on innovations driven by, and affecting, government agencies in cyber security throughout the year, we applaud the additional attention that NCSAM brings to the cause of keeping our nation’s infrastructure, networks, and data secured. In addition to the constant notification of cyber attacks, there have been a number of significant developments in how government agencies are approaching cyber security issues.

Here’s a brief roundup of key stories in government cyber security from this month:

  • Navy stands up cyber security task force—According to, the Navy has established a special new unit designed to protect computer networks and improve cyber security across the service. The 100 member Task Force Cyber Awakening, or TFCA, was created in in August to establish protocols, identify vulnerabilities, increase cyber awareness and shore up security and access with the Navy’s computer network.
  • NOAA considers terminating employee after data breach — A National Weather Service employee of Chinese descent was arrested on October 20 at her office in Ohio for allegedly breaching an Army database containing sensitive files on U.S. dams. Was the incident just what the former head of the Department of Justice’s Computer Crime Unit calls “a Tuesday” as in, it happens all the time, or something more sinister?
  • The Department of Homeland Security, the agency behind National Cyber Security Awareness Month, has developed comprehensive resources for federal and state government agencies looking to make their agency, or department, more cyber resilient.  Don’t miss their excellent mobile security best practices tip sheet!
  • White House calls for more cooperation between the government and business to bolster cyber protection.  Information exchanges on hacks and attempted attacks as well as sharing of best practices, the ability to access the best solutions and customize COTS products will surely help the development or a more robust cyber security environment.

Interested in learning about what you can do to protect your agency’s network right now?  Hop on over to our cyber solutions page for more resources and best practices.


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