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News Round-Up: Federal CIOs are Embracing the Challenges of IT Innovation

shutterstock_103389071This year is definitely shaping up to be the Year of the Federal CIO. From CIOs who are at the forefront of the conversation on IT innovation, like David Bray at the Federal Communication Commission, to those who are quietly working in the background to ensure that their agencies are in compliance with FITARA’s rules and requirements, CIOs are redefining the face of government and helping their agencies deliver on their missions in a complex world.

Here are four articles that highlight the people, processes, and technology behind the federal government’s drive to innovate for the benefit of all.

Stop Spending Money on Legacy Systems, Says Federal CIO Scott

At a recent FITARA-focused conference, Federal CIO Tony Scott urged his peers to retire legacy systems and, instead, “invest and innovate.” The theme of his talk at the August 11th FITARA Forum was to challenge the idea that tight budgets meant stopping investments in new technology and supporting legacy systems. Scott added that this is “a circle-the-drain philosophy, and eventually you get to the point… where you have crumbling systems, and this is not a case where you can save your way to success.” Read more of Scott’s commentary on how to invest for success in federal IT here.

Value-Added IT is Key to Better Government at Army

Reducing the costs of meeting the mission has been a priority for federal agencies for several years. Yet, despite rising budgets, there’s still a lot of sensitivity in government circles about driving efficiency and avoiding the appearance of wasteful spending. With the low-hanging fruit of cost savings taken care of, how can agencies contain costs but still modernize? Col. Bobby Saxon, Army division chief and program director of G-3/5/7, had some interesting strategies to demonstrate how IT adds value to mission delivery. You can read what he had to share at a recent event on lowering the costs of government here.

Meet the People Behind the Technology at Air Force

Federal CIOs who take up the gauntlet of IT reform are getting plenty of press coverage these days, but what about the teams behind them, whose job it is to execute on the vision? Executive Gov recently profiled the Air Force’s director of transformational innovation, Camron Gorguinpour, who is responsible for the taking the vision of IT transformation and making it a reality. Gorguinpour has his hands full between initiating a plug-in electric vehicle program for the Air Force and improving procurement processes. You can read the profile here.

The Importance of Memory at FAA

At the height of the summer travel season, the FAA experienced an unidentified computer system problem that shut down air traffic across the north eastern United States. At the time there was scant information released about the situation emanating from the high-altitude radar facility in Leesburg, VA, but the FAA is now releasing more information about what went amiss following a major upgrade to a legacy backup system. In essence, data that was supposed to be removed from the system remained, causing it to crash. You can read the details here.


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