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News Round-up: NSA, NGA, USMC and GSA Leverage IT to Improve Processes

shutterstock_208780033 It’s no secret IT innovation within government agencies is at an all-time high. And while we mostly expect to see this innovation in the form of infrastructure upgrades, a large portion of recent innovation and change has included optimization of business processes.

This news round-up is spotlighting what government innovators are doing to flip their traditional business processes on its head to speed up the time to mission success:

NSA builds hiring website for intelligence community

Within the beltway, there is much discussion about how to revamp and change business processes to improve upon the mission. With that in mind, the National Security Association (NSA) has set out to greatly improve both their internal and external hiring processes through a new hiring portal.

Kathy Hutson, NSA Human Resources Director, shared with Federal News Radio that “the portal will include a job-exploration tool and diagnostic tests for candidates.” She went on to add that elements of the new site, like the diagnostics tests, are paramount for job seekers as well as hiring personnel to identify the skills, knowledge and abilities specific to applicants in the hopes of placing the best possible applicant in the best possible position. The new site is expected to decrease turn-over and enhance the overall effectiveness of new personnel in the intelligence community.

New 18F tool serves as blueprint for digital teams

The General Service Administration (GSA) has recently compiled best practices from digital service project teams, releasing them in a document called the 18F Guides.

According to FedScoop, the guides address topics like “agile development, accessibility, open source, application programming interfaces and automated testing.” As new digital service teams arise across government agencies, the guides could become a useful resource for sharing best practices and lowering the bar for getting up to speed so that teams can achieve more rapid mission contribution.

Virtual training: Next best thing to being there

In recent years government agencies and military branches, like NASA and the Marines, have been turning to Virtual Reality (VR) for training purposes.

The Marines, for example, are utilizing VR to simulate battle scenes by superimposing images of war onto a training environment. According to a recent GCN article, the Marine Corps is utilizing “‘optical see-through’ components that were fitted to the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer (AITT).” The Office of Naval Research emphasized that this allows Marines to see “a golf course turned into a battleground complete with tanks, mortar fire and smoke.”
There will be a demonstration of the AITT program this coming fall at Quantico.

Open Letter to the workforce: Maximizing NGA’s acquisition system for NGA/NSG Mission

In a non-traditional approach to improving business processes, Susan M. Gordon, Deputy Director of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), wrote an open letter to her NGA colleagues. Within the letter Gordon calls for agility sharing, “Mission must always come first; the mission does not wait.”

She goes on to stress that we –America- cannot wait to act because “our national security bureaucracy [has to] outperform the pace of the threats our nation and our allies face. Our enemies do not pause to accommodate inefficient processes.”

Throughout the letter, Deputy Gordon enhances her call for agility by emphasizing that we need to shorten acquisition cycles, take advantage of new acquisition flexibilities as well as embrace new methods of acquisition.

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