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News Roundup: This Week’s GovIT Innovators

shutterstock_134361986 Federal agencies are in the middle of a burst of innovation when it comes to leveraging IT to meet the mission. Each week on ModernGOV, we feature a selection of stories highlighting the agencies and leaders who are embracing change, not for its own sake, but to provide more services, more efficiently to their end users. From swift procurement to FITARA, this week we’re featuring stories from Health and Human Services, the Copyright Office, and U.S. CIO Tony Scott. Read on to find out how these agency and the U.S. IT chief are delivering on their missions in new and interesting ways.

HHS Uses Best Practices to Improve IT Acquisition
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently took a page out of the Buyer’s Club playbook to improve the ways in which it buys IT. In doing so, according to a recent interview on Fierce Government IT, the agency reduced the time to procurement from 6 months to 8 weeks, saving the agency not only time, but also budget. The best news yet, is that they’re paying it forward, sharing lessons learned and experiences with other agency CIOs. You can read about the HHS procurement revolution here.

Agency CIOs Get More Power Thanks to OMB
Agency CIOs recently received an authority boost from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). New guidelines to support the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) released last week “strengthens the hand of agency level CIOs over their bureau and component CIO colleagues, but gives the CIO a seat at the table when determining how agencies will deploy IT to run government programs.” Want to learn more about how the OMB is empowering the CIO and helping to avoid acquisition bottlenecks? The full story is over at FCW.

U.S. CIO Tony Scott Breaks Down Silos
While Tony Scott is the Chief Information Officer for the United States, he might want to consider a title change to Chief Innovation Officer. Since assuming the role a few months ago, Scott has offered some new perspectives on how federal agencies approach IT from procurement to roll-out. His main focus right now is breaking down silos within agencies, between agencies, and between government and the private sector, starting with soliciting feedback on FITARA guidelines. Want to hear more from the Chief Innovation Officer? Here’s the full story.

Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, Seeks IT Reform Assistance from Congress
As U.S. CIO, Tony Scott, was releasing guidelines for IT acquisition modernization, Register of Copyrights, Maria Pallante, was making the case for the U.S. Copyright Office to be given more autonomy in shaping its future IT plans. Currently tied to the Library of Congress, Pallante presented evidence showing that the lack of emphasis on IT modernization is hampering the Copyright Office’s ability to deliver on its mission. Given the types of issues that Pallante’s office handles – from fair use and illegal downloading to maintaining a public record of all licensing agreements – a 21st Century IT infrastructure seems an easy case to make. For more on Pallante’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, click here.


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