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Revamping Your Agency’s Processes? Here Are Four Ideas to Consider

shutterstock_242602495Government agencies are investing heavily in learning about how to become more agile and efficient in order to mitigate business costs while continuing to deliver on the mission. Although many agency leaders have focused on technology, agency leaders who are true change agents, understand that technology forms only part of the equation and know that people and processes are integral to success.

In a recent column featured on Nextgov’s Tech Insider, Software AG Government Solutions’ chief architect, Darryn Graham, looked into what makes some agency IT overhauls more successful than others. He shared four guiding principles that will improve business processes and create long term success for agencies.

Surprisingly, none of Darryn’s tips have to do with technology, per se, and everything to do with people and their ability to drive change via processes with a judicious application of information from business process analysis. For Darryn, the information derived from analyzing business processes underpins each step of a transformation project from helping create a knowledgeable team to being able to identify key metrics to measure success.

To illustrate these points, Darryn turned to James Martin from BoldNote and Nitin Naik, Director for Strategic Planning and Technical Direction with the IRS Enterprise Services Group, who shared his experiences in driving changes within his agency.

Would you like to read Darryn’s article in full? You can click here to find out more about his four things to consider and also learn more about Nitin’s first hand experience driving change at the IRS. To learn more about government IT modernization, click here.


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