Bringing Government IT Modernization and Innovation to the Forefront

Enterprise Architecture and IT Transparency: The Path to IT Transformation

shutterstock_208780033Government IT has been humming with valiant efforts to embrace modernization in order to increase efficiency and improve upon fulfilling agency mission. Yet, without a well-organized and transparent IT portfolio and a focus on Enterprise Architecture (EA), missions run the risk of falling flat with innovation puttering out as transformation efforts get lost in the noise.

Overcoming the People, Process & Technology Challenges in a Virtualization Program

thomas sasalaThe ModernGOV IT Summit is April 1st; have you registered yet?

Set to deliver interactive strategic discussions on the biggest IT transformation challenges facing government leaders today, the panels at the ModernGOV summit will bring together visionaries and leading technologists from both civilian and military agencies to develop proactive strategies for business process analytics, real-time integration, and cost-effective IT alignment with agency mission, to name a few of the summit’s agenda goals.

News Round-Up: Military and Government Innovation Leads to Increased Agility

agilityAt ModernGov we’ve made a habit out of seeking out exciting and pivotal government and military IT innovation – from all levels, in all agencies – that utilize and promote agility. In this news round-up, we’ve found some amazing stories of innovation in research, implementation and career creation, as government agencies, along with the military, blaze a path in IT innovation in virtual training, autonomous systems, and application program interfaces.

Army to Bolster Agility and Readiness through Strategic IT Modernization

shutterstock_70353952Supporting more than 1.4 million network users,Lieutenant General Robert S. Ferrell- Army CIO, recently unveiled an aggressive IT strategy encompassing IT modernization initiatives spanning to 2021 to enable the warfighter to fight and deploy at any time, from anywhere well into the future. Referenced as the “Army Network Campaign Plan,” the Army’s IT strategy is set to deliver on five broad goals

Federal Agencies Find Efficiency via Cloud, Agile Development and Distance Learning

This month on ModernGov, we’ve focused on efficiency. We’ve gone beyond the buzzword to showcase tips and technologies that can help federal agencies deliver the best service to citizens while maximizing the effectiveness of their technology infrastructure. Software AG Government Solutions execs Chris Steel and Darryn Graham offered their insights on efficiency around situational awareness and leveraging IT to deliver on mission. To wrap up the month, we thought we’d showcase some federal agencies that are using technology in innovative ways to maximize efficiency.


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