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How to Ease Integration Challenges

shutterstock_255155524 Enterprise Integration (EI) is an inherently complex undertaking that tends to have a fairly high failure rate. Integration needs are difficult to predict and solve because there are multiple system silos with their own project plans that span several release cycles to manage. Keeping track of these multiple silos makes it difficult to determine and eliminate redundancies and track system interdependencies. With so many cogs in the integration wheel, it’s challenging for agency IT leaders to embrace EI. So how can we simplify integration processes to help CIOs leverage the benefits? It all starts with the how of EI.

How IT Will Transform the Federal Government in 2016?

shutterstock_188324945 (1)At the beginning of each year there are a good many quips about how the future is finally here. Yet, despite the fact that it is 2016, most government agencies still have a fair ways to go when it comes to modernizing their IT systems so that they can deliver more services to more citizens more quickly. Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions, shared in a recent article in NextGov that he is confident that many government agencies will focus “on finding the necessary IT capabilities for ‘faster’ transformation [this year] as they realize their existing IT models are not capable of fully supporting their mission.”

Upcoming Webinar: IT Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Drive Agency Success

In-memory computing The topic of IT portfolio management as an essential component to an agency’s ability to meet agency mission while mitigating costs, came up frequently in the presentations delivered at Digital Government Institute’s (DGI) Enterprise Architecture conference in late April. As a follow on, DGI is now hosting a webinar on June 23rd focused on EA and IT Portfolio Management, titled, “Fueling Transformational Success through IT Portfolio Management & Enterprise Architecture.

5 Tips for Successful IT Portfolio Management

shutterstock_168813071 Recently, we published an article on how the Department of Interior was meeting the challenges of IT Portfolio Management head-on to reduce operating expenses and better deliver on the agency’s mission. Kevin Schmitt, who is responsible for portfolio planning and management for the Department of Interior and shared his experiences with us, is very much a pioneer in this field. So it got the team here thinking about what are the essential things you need to know in order to be successful in your IT planning and the analysis and governance of your IT portfolio.

Federal Executive Forum: Progress Report on Cybersecurity in Government

Cybersecurity Cybersecurity is a high-profile issue both in and out of the government sectors, as evidenced by the Sony breach and President Obama’s focus on cybersecurity in his recent State of the Union address, to name just a few examples. It was therefore fitting that the topic of a recent Federal Executive Forum focused on cybersecurity in government, profiling successful cyber programs and focusing on the current and future state of cyber.


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