Bringing Government IT Modernization and Innovation to the Forefront

Modernization and Agility: Government Agencies Trail Blaze IT Innovation

shutterstock_146458190 There’s a perception by some inside the Beltway that you can’t achieve true IT innovation in government agencies, and there’s a great deal of pressure on agency leaders to adopt a “private sector mindset.” Despite these assumptions, there are many leaders within government IT who have taken it upon themselves to be the trendsetters- to be the change agents. While some may tout government IT innovation as an oxymoron, many of these innovators have sought to define modernization and agility by implementing cutting edge programs and adopting technologies before the masses.

IT Innovators Take Over the Federal Agencies

shutterstock_94855570U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Reveals Open Data Efforts in New Report
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently released a reportrevealing the agency’s commitment to open data and to providing the user community with better access to data in the near term.   With their final plan due in the summer, the USPTO hopes to one day become an “API factory” for end users said Thomas Beach, a senior advisor for the agency.  You can read more on this story here…

Internet of Things Offers Both Opportunities and Challenges for Cyber Security

thingalytics banner While cyber security is doing more with less, IT modernization and the importance of public-private partnerships all continue to be important topics for government IT leaders, a new discussion point in these initiatives is quickly gaining ground – the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). Even at the recent AFCEA Homeland Security Conference, the Internet of Things was a topic raised by several panels. Increasingly, IT leaders are agreeing that this innovative concept is poised to offer both opportunities and challenges to all agencies, from those charged with protecting the homeland to those whose missions involve serving citizens in other equally-important ways.


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