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Good Governance is the Key to Success for FITARA Implementation

shutterstock_216453469With the next FITARA deadline coming up at the end of 2015, federal CIOs need to “understand their options and obligations under the new law,” commented Darryn Graham, Chief Architect for Software AG Government Solutions. In a recent article published by NextGov, Graham shared his perspectives on FITARA and recent comments made by federal CIO Tony Scott at the FIITARA Implementation Symposium, hosted by the Association for Enterprise Information (AEFI) in Arlington, Virginia.

Stop. Think. Connect – October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

shutterstock_148937693 (1)There is no doubt that 2015 has been a critical juncture for federal government agencies in how they approach cyber security. Spurred by the OPM breach, Federal CIO Tony Scott first announced the 30-day cyber security sprint, which, over the summer, became the foundation of a coordinated federal cyber security strategy. Combined with the empowerment of the CIO role under the auspices of FITARA, it seems that federal agencies are poised to make major strides in all aspects of cyber security – from infrastructure to data security.

News Round-Up: Federal CIOs are Embracing the Challenges of IT Innovation

shutterstock_103389071This year is definitely shaping up to be the Year of the Federal CIO. From CIOs who are at the forefront of the conversation on IT innovation, like David Bray at the Federal Communication Commission, to those who are quietly working in the background to ensure that their agencies are in compliance with FITARA’s rules and requirements, CIOs are redefining the face of government and helping their agencies deliver on their missions in a complex world.

Department of Veterans Affairs IT Chief Shares Value of FITARA

shutterstock_111435890 (1)The summer of 2015, might just become known as the Summer of FITARA. Widely regarded as the most comprehensive overhaul of Government IT since the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) brings the role of the CIO to the forefront of technology reform. Signed into law in December 2014, the IT reform agenda puts agency CIOs squarely in the driver’s seat when it comes to governing programming, budgeting, decision-making, and acquisition initiatives.

News Roundup: This Week’s GovIT Innovators

shutterstock_134361986 Federal agencies are in the middle of a burst of innovation when it comes to leveraging IT to meet the mission. Each week on ModernGOV, we feature a selection of stories highlighting the agencies and leaders who are embracing change, not for its own sake, but to provide more services, more efficiently to their end users. From swift procurement to FITARA, this week we’re featuring stories from Health and Human Services, the Copyright Office, and U.S. CIO Tony Scott. Read on to find out how these agency and the U.S. IT chief are delivering on their missions in new and interesting ways.


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