Bringing Government IT Modernization and Innovation to the Forefront

Upcoming Webinar: IT Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Drive Agency Success

In-memory computing The topic of IT portfolio management as an essential component to an agency’s ability to meet agency mission while mitigating costs, came up frequently in the presentations delivered at Digital Government Institute’s (DGI) Enterprise Architecture conference in late April. As a follow on, DGI is now hosting a webinar on June 23rd focused on EA and IT Portfolio Management, titled, “Fueling Transformational Success through IT Portfolio Management & Enterprise Architecture.

Modernization and Agility: Government Agencies Trail Blaze IT Innovation

shutterstock_146458190 There’s a perception by some inside the Beltway that you can’t achieve true IT innovation in government agencies, and there’s a great deal of pressure on agency leaders to adopt a “private sector mindset.” Despite these assumptions, there are many leaders within government IT who have taken it upon themselves to be the trendsetters- to be the change agents. While some may tout government IT innovation as an oxymoron, many of these innovators have sought to define modernization and agility by implementing cutting edge programs and adopting technologies before the masses.

Using Actionable Analytics to Improve Business Decisions

Big data isn’t just a question of combing through archives to find the ‘needle in the haystack’ anymore. Private sector organizations and federal agencies are learning that a big part of making data-based decisions is about the information readily available in a format that provides actionable intelligence. New technology allows agencies to move faster on the rapid decisions requiring at-the-ready information and analysis of actionable data. But challenges remain, and those agencies struggling to streamline data into a format that facilitates ready analysis can look to those who have already made strides in this new landscape.


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