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Upcoming Webinar: IT Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture Drive Agency Success

In-memory computing The topic of IT portfolio management as an essential component to an agency’s ability to meet agency mission while mitigating costs, came up frequently in the presentations delivered at Digital Government Institute’s (DGI) Enterprise Architecture conference in late April. As a follow on, DGI is now hosting a webinar on June 23rd focused on EA and IT Portfolio Management, titled, “Fueling Transformational Success through IT Portfolio Management & Enterprise Architecture.

In an effort to increase manageability and clarify complex nuances, both Christopher Steel -Chief Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions and Tim Hunnicutt -Chief Architect, Office of Business Transformation, Army are set to speak on the webinar and discuss the role that Enterprise Architecture plays in setting an example for agencies to emulate in portfolio management. They will also discuss where and how agencies struggle with continually reduced resources as so many are simultaneously prompted to take on much needed process transformation and modernization.

Attendees can expect to learn how to:

• Tie mission value across their organizations’ IT assets and programs
• Infuse agility into their enterprise architecture
• Ensure all transformation initiatives can quickly show provable value

Recently, we’ve seen Enterprise Architects discover and put into play unique and novel strategies for increasing productivity while continuing to keep costs down. It’s time for agencies to follow suit and glean as much strategy as possible from successful Enterprise Architects.

Want to try out new IT Portfolio strategies at your agency? Join the discussion. Click here to register for the June 23 webinar “Fueling Transformational Success through IT Portfolio Management & Enterprise Architecture.”


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