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Mandates surrounding data have changed the way government agencies interact with and serve their constituencies. While being required to collect, share, and archive massive amounts of data, they also must keep costs contained and tasks simplified as they pursue their missions. Equally, as government agencies comply with mandates to decrease redundancy and the number of vendors throughout their operating environments, a data management solution that is vendor agnostic is increasingly valuable.

ModernGov is designed to help government CIOs, CTOs, IT professionals, and network managers understand how to enable simplified, faster, and less expensive data access by breaking down data silos, leveraging existing hybrid network environments to simplify data management and improve the speed of access through better management of infrastructure.  Sponsored by Software AG Government Solutions, ModernGov will tap experts to find out their advice about how government agencies can connect disparate systems for simplified, faster, and less expensive data access.

As an on-line community of interest, ModernGov depends on participation from its readers to spur discussion and bring experiences and insights to the forefront.  If you have an opinion, anecdote, or question to share with your IT colleagues, please connect with ModernGov here, or leave a comment on our articles.  We welcome your contributions.


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