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Welcome to ModernGOV!

Welcome to ModernGov—we’re glad you’re here! We’re excited to launch this new publication dedicated to exploring innovation in the government IT space. We’ll cover topics of interest to government CIOs, CTOs, IT managers and network managers such as cyber security, big data visualization, business process development, open data and systems integration.

With so many online publications dedicated to technology, why read ModernGov? The government IT space is in a period of flux right now, rapidly evolving and changing the way data and systems are managed. In the face of these changes, IT execs are faced with the additional challenge of not only understanding and adopting these new technologies but also, in many cases, doing so amidst a climate of reduced resources. Staying abreast of all this information can be a daunting task, even for seasoned IT pros. That’s where ModernGov can help.

Whether it’s increasing the speed of lagging applications in an open source environment, modernizing mainframes, consolidating applications, analyzing and reporting on big data or tracking and preempting insider threat, ModernGov has got you covered. We’ll feature contributions from subject matter experts in the government IT space who will share best practices, tips from the field and insights on upcoming trends and technologies. Our goal here on ModernGov is to share cutting-edge perspectives and provide resources to help you navigate the rapidly evolving landscape that is government IT.

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