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How IT Will Transform the Federal Government in 2016?

shutterstock_188324945 (1)At the beginning of each year there are a good many quips about how the future is finally here. Yet, despite the fact that it is 2016, most government agencies still have a fair ways to go when it comes to modernizing their IT systems so that they can deliver more services to more citizens more quickly. Chris Steel, Chief Solutions Architect at Software AG Government Solutions, shared in a recent article in NextGov that he is confident that many government agencies will focus “on finding the necessary IT capabilities for ‘faster’ transformation [this year] as they realize their existing IT models are not capable of fully supporting their mission.”

So, why after years of lagging in IT modernization is Steel confident that 2016 will be the year for agency transformation? From his perspective, essential IT fundamentals have reached a tipping point – not only in their adoption, but also in the wide-spread acceptance of the benefits that they bring. This means that the movement to the next step in the transformation cycle is that much more attainable. With cloud as an example, government agencies are experienced users of both public and private clouds. This experience and first-hand knowledge of the efficiencies that cloud brings will hasten the adoption of hybrid cloud models to continue to prioritize flexibility.

Perhaps Chris’s most interesting prediction is that microservices “will demolish monolithic architectures.” While monolithic software architecture has been the unquestioned standard, the confluence of other digital transformation trends will finally bring about its demise. As agencies do more with APIs to meet the growing demand for mobile platforms, self-service delivery, and shareable data sets, they “will realize that the biggest roadblock to faster innovation is legacy monolithic architectures.” Once the monolithic architecture is cast aside in order to support APIs, the “microservice revolution” will be unstoppable.

Interested in finding out what the remaining drivers for agency transformation are? You can read the full article here.


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